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SQA is pleased to sponsor  the 2012 Assessment Tomorrow conference

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The Conference

The seventh Assessment Tomorrow conference in Scotland, took “How to maximise the benefits of IT for learning and assessment in order to reduce costs, maintain or increase quality, and facilitate value in return for investment” as its focus

The conference looked at  how technology can deliver benefits for the learner, the teacher or the school, college or training provider.  It  also focused on recent innovations in the use of technology and how these are now being adopted by users and by organisations such as SQA

Implementing robust and reliable technology for learning and assessment has been a challenge for all since ICT was first used for learning and assessment. Now that many, if not all, the technological challenges have been addressed, we need to turn our attention to how we get the best from the investment in ICT, resources and time that we have all made.

Given the pressures on education and training in the current financial and fiscal environment the conference takes this requirement as it’s centre of attention and looks at how we can maximise the benefits and minimise the cost and impact of the technology

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The Conference

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